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    AC-S5 Acrylic Blending Paint (Matte Oil)
    AC-S5 Acrylic Blending Paint (Matte Oil)
    Tell: 18060225036 Thanks for your inquiry is highly welcome!!! Scope of application: hardware materials such as electroplating substrates, zinc-iron alloys, stainless steel, etc. Construction process: 1. The material should be cleaned of oil and dust on the surface before use 2. Spraying method: electrostatic spraying 3. Construction viscosity: 9.5±0.5 seconds (NK-2# cup) 4. Baking temperature: 120℃/30 minutes Performance: Test items Inspection standards Test results Method Standard Appearance of coating film Iron-Cobalt Colorimetry ≤1级 Colorless transparent liquid Gloss (60° head) GB/T9754 ≥20° 14.6 Pencil hardness (H) GB/T 6739 ≥HB 2H Neutral salt spray 5% GB/T-1771 ≥Level 8 /72h Level 8 Viscosity GB/T 1723 NK-2# cup 10 seconds

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