Our main products and applications Jan 26, 2021

Our main products are industrial paint: metal and plastic baking paint, electrophoretic paint, powder coating.
1. Baking paint: acrylic, polyester, epoxy, mainly used for hardware workpieces and PA nylon materials, etc.

1. Hardware baking varnish is mainly used for all kinds of hardware workpieces (tinplate, cold rolled steel, galvanized sheet, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc.), mainly used in home appliances, auto parts, electroplating parts, lighting, sports equipment, bicycles, Small hardware etc.

2. Plastic baking varnish: generally used for the coating of ABS, PS/HIPS, PA, and PVC plastics. It is a one-component matching oil and water use. ①ABS plastic paint: Mainly used in hard plastic enclosures such as car accessories, motorcycles, household appliances, computers, electric vehicles, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, TVs, power tools, toys, etc.; ②Toy paint: mainly used in toy hard plastic ABS , PS, soft PVC, TPE, TPU, etc.

2. Electrophoresis paint: Cathodic electrophoresis paint, the main colors are flat, matte and light gray. Mainly used in hardware, home appliances, and auto parts. ①Hardware: guide rails, luggage rods, clocks, horn covers, umbrella ribs, air conditioning cooling nets, water pump heads, springs, screws, etc. ②Home appliances: wind wheels (range hoods), stoves, TV covers, shopping carts, lamps, elevator pedals, etc. ③Auto parts: motorcycles, swing arms, steering shafts, brake shoes, jacks, steel rims, automobile chassis parts, dust covers, etc. Mainly include high salt spray, edge corrosion, low temperature curing, bottom surface integration, etc. according to the product used. Fixed telephone condition: general condition 220℃ /25Min, low temperature fixed telephone: 130-140℃ /25Min

3. Powder coatings: mainly used in radiators, sports fitness equipment, fireplaces, barbecue grills, pipeline coating, small household appliances, etc. Curing conditions: general conditions: 180°C /20Min or 200°C /10Min, low temperature curing: 130°C /20Min, pipe powder: 230°C /1Min

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