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  • cathodic electrophoretic paint
    Low temperature curing cathodic electrophoretic paint
    Low temperature curing cathodic electrophoretic paint
    product description This product is a kind of water-based paint. The main resin is composed of ketimine modified epoxy resin, low-temperature deblocking isocyanate crosslinking agent and special toughening agent, which is neutralized by acid to form an emulsion. Dispersed resin composed of modified epoxy resin and isocyanate, with pigments and fillers, is ground to make color paste. Features ◆The curing temperature of the paint film is low, 140℃/25min can be fully cured, reducing the heat energy consumed by curing; ◆QUV performance ≥300 hours, neutral salt spray ≥500 hours; ◆Small smell, environmentally friendly solvents are used as paint additives, which will not affect the health of the operators; ◆It does not contain any heavy metals and tin elements, and it is fully compliant with ROHS directives and EPA pollutant control regulations after SGS testing. Application field Auto parts: leaf springs, brake discs, jacks, etc.; Hardware industry: water pump heads, iron castings, etc.; Home appliance industry: air-conditioning compressors, refrigerator compressors, etc.; Agricultural machinery industry: frame, wheel hub (heavy machinery), etc.

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