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  • medium temperature varnish
    AC-A1 acrylic varnish (medium temperature varnish)
    AC-A1 acrylic varnish (medium temperature varnish)
    Tell: 18060225036 Thanks for your inquiry is highly welcome!!! Scope of application: hardware materials such as electroplating substrates, zinc-iron alloys, stainless steel, etc. Construction process: 1. The material should be cleaned of oil and dust on the surface before use 2. Spraying method: electrostatic spraying 3. Construction viscosity: 9.5±0.5 seconds (NK-2# cup) 4. Baking temperature: 120℃/30 minutes Performance: Test items Inspection standards Test results Method Standard Appearance of coating film Iron-Cobalt Colorimetry ≤1 LEVEL Colorless transparent liquid Gloss (60° head) GB/T9754 ≥80° 150 Pencil hardness (H) GB/T 6739 ≥HB 3H Neutral salt spray 5% GB/T-1771 ≥Level 8 /96h Level 9 Viscosity GB/T 1723 NK-2# cup 10 seconds
  • black paint
    Water-based black paint
    Water-based black paint
    Chemical composition: water-based acrylic series Parameter Unit Numerical value Detection method Test Results Luster ° ≧60 GB/T9754 91.7° Hardness B~H  ≧HB GB/T6739 2H Adhesion %  ≧ 100% GB/T9286 Qualified Resistant to bending mm  ≧2mm GB/T6742 Qualified Impact resistance m ≧500g/50m GB/T1732 Qualified Salt spray resistance5%(96h) ≧6 LEVEL GB/T1763 Level 9 Eight heavy metals ppm pass EDX Test Pass Advantage:        (1) Water-based products are environmentally friendly (just use pure water to dilute and use, the ratio of boiling oil: paint: water = 1:0.5) (2) Chemical resistance (3) Salt spray resistance (4) Baking temperature: 120℃×30min (adjusted according to test) Scope of application: metal workpieces ◆The above information is for reference only. Due to the difference in production process, construction conditions, environment and other factors, the data may be different from the actual product. We cannot guarantee for various special circumstances, hereby explain. If the operating situation is special, please contact our company, we will be happy to test, answer and serve you. ONEKA brand products have won the favor of customers, with a satisfaction rate of over 90%. In order to ensure quality and color stability, we have an independent testing laboratory, supporting industry-leading testing equipment, and have passed "CNAS National Laboratory Certification" and "MA Qualification Certification". All raw materials can only be tested by the testing center. Put into storage and put into production. All finished products need to go through five surface tests of gloss, hardness, adhesion, bending, impact and some physical and chemical performance tests before they can be finally delivered to customers. Tell: 18060225036 Thanks for your inquiry is highly welcome!!!
  • Fluorocarbon paint -ONEKAPaint
    Fluorocarbon paint
    Fluorocarbon paint
    Features: Antique and old (imitation bronze, copper, brass) wire drawing unlimited product base material similar to real copper, uniform gloss, good hand feel, strong copper texture, environmental protection, simple operation process, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, super weather resistance , With fluorocarbon paint outdoor for 20 years, it will not fade, not chalk, maintenance-free, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, without fingerprints, and feel smooth.

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