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  • High-gloss salt spray resistant electroplating varnish -ONEKAPaint
    High-gloss salt spray resistant electroplating varnish
    High-gloss salt spray resistant electroplating varnish
    Product Usage Particularly suitable for high-quality products used for old, antique painting, door industry, locks, belt buckles, shoe buckles, handles, lamps, plumbing and other hardware products surface light protection
  • Water-based paint
    Bottom-in-one type cathodic electrophoretic paint
    Bottom-in-one type cathodic electrophoretic paint
    product description This product is a kind of  water-based paint. The main resin is composed of ketimine modified epoxy resin, isocyanate crosslinking agent and acrylic resin, which is neutralized by acid to form an emulsion. Dispersed resin composed of modified epoxy resin and isocyanate, with pigments and fillers, is ground to make color paste. Features ◆The coating film is smooth, smooth and plump; ◆High gloss, above 80°, the mirror effect is better; ◆QUV performance ≥800 hours, neutral salt spray ≥800 hours; ◆Small smell, environmentally friendly solvents are used as paint additives, which will not affect the health of the operators; ◆It does not contain any heavy metals and tin elements, and it is fully compliant with ROHS directives and EPA pollutant control regulations after SGS testing.   Application field Automobile parts: automobile chassis parts, wipers, etc.; Hardware industry: spectacle frames, decorative small metals, etc.; Home appliance industry: motorcycles, electric vehicles, lampshades, etc.; Agricultural machinery industry: tricycle frame, truck frame, etc.   Product parameter adjustment In order to improve product performance, the technical department may improve some technical data. We will notify the customer in written form, and after the customer's confirmation and consent, we will make adjustments to the supplied products. Safety and health regulations This product does not belong to the cargo materials listed in "GB6944-2005 Dangerous Goods Classification and Product Name Number". Pay attention to ventilation at the construction site. Prevent splashing into eyes and mistaken entrance.  

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